Part NCC Assistance

Since August 25, 2016, Regulation (EU) N° 965/2012 is mandatory for all non-commercial operators, owner of powered aircraft, having their principal place of business or residence in a EASA member country, regardless of their aircraft State of registration.

The main purpose of this regulation, called Part NCC (Non Commercial Complex), is to bring private operators to get closer to commercial operators safety standards, by setting up operating manual and a management system.

Part SPO Assistance

As from April 21, 2017, Part SPO Regulation (annex VIII of EU Regulation n°965/2012 amended) is mandatory for all operators having commercial and/or non-commercial specialized operations with powered aircraft and having their principal place of business or residence in a EASA country (regardless of their aircraft State of registration).

By specialized operations, we mean any operations other than air transport related to activities such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, observation, patrolling, aerial advertising, etc.

Specialized activities also cover “special activities” defined by the SPO regulations such as glider towing, aerobatics, parry flights, sensational flights, etc.


Leader in regulatory, iXAir was in 2014, the first business aviation company in France to be certified “AIR-OPS” (approval FR.AOC.0008).

In this context, IXAir offers a subscription to an interactive application : AirFlow

with the access to an operating manual which integrate the management system perfectly adapted to your aircraft and your operations.